Industrial Products & Facilities

We provide service with the principle of meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level by supplying all kinds of machinery, equipment manufacturing and spares that industrial facilities need with a fast, economical and reliable service approach.

Interstop 1qc ladle slide mechanisms and spares & cylinders-Interstop 2qc ladle slide mechanisms and spares & cylinders-Flocon ladle slide systems and spares-Tandiş quick nozzle change systems-Hydraulic-pneumatic cylinders & units -Scrap baskets-Scrap basket trolleys-Scrap sieves- Scrap and log lifting magnets-Scrap polyps (we can manufacture in desired capacities and designs)-Scrap presses and shears & shear blades-Material feeding silos manufacturing and assembly-Conveyor and belt systems and spares-Material weighing systems and scales-Air compressors-Diesel generators -Steel construction manufacturing and assembly works-Ladle and log lifting sleepers, hooks-Copper molds-Crushers, belt systems for quarries and cement industry