Metal Market

We offer economical solutions without sacrificing quality in the supply of all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous industrial materials that our customers need. It serves with our cutting-edge laser cutting machine, cnc laser cutting in dimensions of 2500 x 8000, cnc plasma cutting in dimensions of -3000 x 12000, bending capacity of 12 meters. -Cnc plasma cutting – cnc laser cutting – scissors cutting – cnc bending – corner removal- Cnc cylinder / profile bending & welded manufacturing – assembly, cutting with water jet

Dkp sheet, pipe, profile, box profile, bar, flat bar, angle iron, sheet-Trapezoidal sheet, under-concrete trapeze, sandwich panel, coil length opening, coil length slitting-Stainless steel sheet, pipe, profile, bar, flat bar, angle iron, sheet , bushing-Aluminum sheet, pipe, profile, bar, flat bar, angle iron, plate, bushing-Copper-bronze-brass plate, pipe, profile, bar, flat bar, bearing bronze, bushing-Copper and aluminum alloys, forging and casting materials, Molding sheet-Cast polyamide (kestamide), epoxy sheet & rod, fiber rod, fiber sheet-Carbon Teflon sheet&rod, fiberglass-Transparent plexiglass, polyethylene sheet, polyurethane, pom (derlin) sheet-Ptfe (ephalon), micanite sheet, insulation plates and blankets, glass and ceramic fibers