Iron and Steel Industry

What Iron and Steel Industry Needs; We manufacture, supply, import and export refractories, machinery equipment manufacturing and spares, metallurgical consumables, ferro alloys, raw materials, semi-finished products and products, industrial oils, occupational safety materials and industrial products, and ensure that they reach our customers in a fast, economical and reliable way.


Electric Arc Furnaces

Arc furnace lower-upper body, cover manufacturing and back-up-Lid lifting mechanism and arms-Tilting platforms-Water-cooled panel manufacturing, back-up, caps, elbows and pipes-Electrode columns and spares, electrode holders-Electrode column lifting mechanism and cylinders-Hydraulic -pneumatic units, valves and stands, pump groups, connection materials-Ebt mechanism -gantry-Oxygen injection systems and oxygen delivery nozzle pipes-Carbon injection systems-Material feeding systems and silos-Scrap preheating systems-Slag pot manufacturing-Scrap baskets manufacturing -Vibratory scrap sieves-Vibrator scrap charging cars-Scrap polyps-Magnet magnets-Scrap presses and shears-Air compressors sales and spares, filters-Diesel generators and spares-Steel construction manufacturing and assembly works-Laboratory test instruments, optical emission spectrometers

Induction Furnaces

Acidic primers, neutral primers-Sodium silicate (glass water)-Coil plaster-Cquare floor and top concretes-Cquare lining removal rollers-Vibrator furnace floor and side wall forging machines and systems-Micanite rolls and adhesives-Ptfe efhalon insulation plates-Ceramic fiber and glass fiber insulations, plates, blankets-Stainless bolts and studs, clamps, hob antenna wires, antimagnetic fiber wires-Diesel and gas burners, fans, pumps-Hydraulic-pneumatic units, valves, pumps, hydro motors-Hoses, conditioners, connection materials-Hydraulic oils, non-combustible hydraulic oils-House water hoses-Antimagnetic (non-carbon) and glass-ceramic fiber insulated-Water-cooled copper energy cables and hoses-Heat exchangers, radiators-Water cooling towers-Engine-pump groups-Automatic and manual water treatment-dosing systems-Water softening resins and resin systems-Open and closed circuit water treatment chemicals-Copper coils-Coil insulation paint and thinner-Trist e.g. shunts, fiber wedges, capacitors, capacitors-Wired and wireless immersion type temperature measuring thermometers and spares-Samplers-Spectrometers, laboratory equipment and consumables, chemicals-Material feeding systems, magnets, scrap polyps and charging cars-Manufacture-Ag- og transformers, sinter transformers, breakers and wiring, installation commissioning services-Air compressors-Generators-Emergency water pumps with diesel generators

Rolling Mills

Billet heating furnaces-burners-billet feeding systems to the furnace benches-rollers-runners-flying shears-cold shears-termex- cooling platforms-tying machines-chain transfer systems-crane ropes-billet handling systems-laboratory instruments & spectrometers-air compressors , filters and spares-generators-engine-pump groups, couplings-electric panels-scale buckets-construction equipment and spares & service-work safety materials and protective equipment