The refractories needed by the iron and steel industry; We serve with the principle of meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level, with the tried products of domestic and foreign manufacturers with the best price / quality balance, with a fast, economical and reliable service approach.

Induction furnace refractories

Acidic linings-Neutral linings-Sodium silicate (glass water)-Coil plaster-Cquare floor and top concretes-January lining removal rollers-Micanite rolls and adhesives-Ptfe efhalon insulation plates-Ceramic fiber and glass fiber insulations, plates, blankets-Coil insulation paint and thinner–

arc furnace refractories

Refractory bricks–Ebt hole sand (olivine)–Graphite electrodes–Ladle preparation refractories —Ladle nozzles (interstop 1qc – 2qc and flocon)- Inner nozzle (1qc, 2qc)-Outer nozzle (1qc, 2qc)-Slide plate (1qc, 2qc)-Green assembly mortar-Ladle nozzle sand-Ladle cover powder-Refractory bricks and mortars, green assembly mortars-Fire concretes, alumina bricks-Graphite electrodes-

Tundish preparation refractories

Nozzles – bowl bricks – Tundish slabs (karnex) – Tundish slab bonding mortars – Tundish nozzle filling sand – Tundish zircon nozzles – Tundish bowl bricks – Tundish cover powder – Safety lining bricks – Casting, spraying tundish refractories – Tundish quick nozzle change systems and nozzles

Rolling furnace refractories

Industrial furnace refractories -Refractory repair and assembly mortars -Concrete -Bricks-Green assembly mortar-Micanite sheets and adhesives-Ceramic and glass fibers, plates-Ptfe ephalon plates-Ceramic blankets-Glass and ceramic fiber packings-Insulation tapes-Adhesives, macarons- Slag release powders — steel, ceramic and stainless anchors, fibers